Crazy, and I know it

I love Halloween.  Squishy, spurting blood, heart Halloween.  So, unnaturally, my house transforms itself into Halloween mode this time of year.  Yes, I know it’s early, but I don’t care.

This year we started with our enormous Halloween Village.  It’s like those Christmas Villages people put together, but much cooler.  We have 4 distinct themes:  Country, Town, Cemetery, and Ocean.  Unfortunately the ocean section isn’t in the following pictures because the lighthouse experienced a major leak.  Hopefully we’ll get it fixed.

(These pictures are horrible as I’m really struggling with photographing inside under florescent lights without a flash [t00 many shadows created].)





One response to “Crazy, and I know it

  1. I love the Halloween Village! Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday (even over Christmas!!) and it makes me happy to see someone else get as into as you do. I wish DH was on board like your DH is. Then I could do the village thing AND decorate the rest of the house!

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