Who’s afraid of the big bad

manual focus.  Excuse me for taking liberties with the song.  I’ve been scared of taking my camera off auto focus.   I was worried that all my pictures would be blurry.  How wrong I was.

I went back to one of my favorite subjects in the yard, the 4 o’clocks.  I’ve been trying forever to focus on the orange stamens and not succeeding.  Then inspiration struck, take the camera off of auto focus.  After taking a couple of deep breaths, this is what resulted:


4 responses to “Who’s afraid of the big bad

  1. What camera do you have?

    I recently bought a Canon Rebel, but have been afraid to use it off of the automatic settings.

    These pictures you took look great though.

    I might have to give it a try!

  2. Canon Rebel XTi

    Read the manual, and get your camera off the automatic setting! You’ll be amazed at what your camera can do. 🙂

    ummm… you may want to be fully clothed while you do so.

  3. What I really want to be able to do is take pictures in low light… like sunsets… or someone blowing up birthday candles… and get the right lighting effects…

    I’ll break out the manual… trying to find some help online too.

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