Morbid curiosity

Every day I drive by the city cemetery on my way to and from work.  I can see the headstones from the road.  I’ve observed the goth kids from the close-by high school eating lunch on top of the plots (oooh, so dark and brooding).  Yet, it has taken me 2 full years of driving by to finally stop and explore.  I’m glad I did.

Cemeteries are interesting in that you can see different trends of what was “in vogue” at the time a person died.  Full listing of year, month, and day of how old someone was who died:

Giant dueling headstones with slanted last names:

Something else you can gleen from headstones is how important that person was to the family.  This lady must have been one hell of a matriarch:

Then, there are the surprise tribute statues (I had no clue these guys were in the cemetery and they’re relatively close to each other):

Commemorating Volunteer Firefighters

The veteran of foreign war section (headstones in this section represented WWI and II and Korean Wars that I saw):

I’d like to explore the cemetery further some day.


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