Not respecting the turkey

I admit, I started decorating for Christmas early.  My excuse is that every year my mother-in-law wants to see our Christmas decorations, and then doesn’t make the trip up.  Since she’s coming for Christmas, I thought… eh, why not?

My favorite ornament:

Rejected Christmas card idea (I campaigned really hard for this to be our card!)


4 responses to “Not respecting the turkey

  1. Sadly, it’s too late. What won me over was the fact that we’d be sending this to his grandma, and then having to explain the picture to his grandma and why we didn’t pick “a decent picture.” (holy runon sentence)

  2. I LOVE your Nightmare Before Christmas ornament. Where-ever did you get it?

    P.S. I’m LillyLove08 on the CO Nest

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