“Is this a photography class?”

Yes, yes it is.

We were asked this a lot tonight.  “We” being a few of my local girls who braved the cold (and I mean COLD) to photograph the lights downtown.

I started off the evening with a cup of coffee at one of my favorite coffeehouses.

Then we ventured forth.  My biggest problem with long exposures is that they’re almost always blurry.  I’ve remedied that by putting the camera on a tripod and then setting the timer to release the shutter.  Even then they still turn out blurry.  Most of my pictures tonight didn’t turn out.  Ah well, just gives me an excuse to practice more.

One of the restaurants let us go onto their rooftop patio.

Then, when we were feeling like all our limbs had been turned to ice, we went to a decadent chocolate cafe.  Mmmmmmm… dark hot chocolate….


2 responses to ““Is this a photography class?”

  1. You got a lot more good shots than I did! I only have one that turned out. Time to buy a tripod!

    And that hot chocolate picture makes me want to go straight back to the chocolate cafe. When are we doing this again?

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