Lone Ranger

There are some things I just shouldn’t try to do myself. In this instance, taking pictures of the baby. She was not happy with me.


Back in the saddle again

My husband and I took a walk with the dogs, the baby, and my camera. I think he underestimated just how much I missed taking pictures. There were several times when I had to hustle to catch up to them. (I have an awesome husband who handled them all while I was working the camera.)

I’m in love with the background of this picture. There was a huge stand of dill growing immediately behind these flowers which caused the bokeh to have so much texture to it.

So much texture in one little flower.

The yellow on these sunflowers was almost neon.

Something for me to work on for next time: Stop putting everything to the left of the frame.


We had a late start to our growing season this year for our vegetables, and it shows. We have yet to be able to pick a single thing from our “garden.” There is hope, however, that this waiting will end soon:


C’mon, little pepper!

From the yard

I love summer. All the flowers around the yard start to bloom, and I have interesting things to photograph without going far.




Something is wrong with my lillies this year. They’re all curled, and have suspicious spots on some of the flowers.






Bark! Barkbarkbark! MOM! Someone is being naughty!

Look, up there!


I am king of the forrrrrrrrrrrrrrest!

Oooo, bird!

Fine, I’ll go in. Harumph.

My work here is done.